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The Cover Loverz are one of Hertfordshire's most 'in-demand' party bands.

With an eclectic mix of styles and genres ranging from rock 'n' roll, disco, funk, jazz, pop and everything in between, there is no event they are unable to cater for.

Event planning can be a stressful business but with the Cover Loverz by your side, you can rest assured that the entertainment for your function will be taken care of. That's one fairly hefty weight you can lift from your already burdened shoulders.

When it comes to hiring live entertainment for any event, confidence is key and nothing is more important to this band.

Get in touch below if you have any questions, we're always up for a chin wag.


Never hired a band before?

This can seem like a fairly daunting task if it's something you haven't done before. There's so much choice out there, where do you start?

You'll want to know if your band can deliver on 3 things:

1. Price | 2. Talent | 3. Can they entertain?

1. There is no such thing as 'one price fits all' when planning music for an event and nor should there be. The band always discuss costs openly to ensure they find a package ideal for you.

2. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and with the band gigging regularly, they encourage potential clients to come and see exactly what they have to offer.

3. Talent and the ability to entertain are two very different beasts. If you are unable to make one of their live shows, they are happy to arrange a quick online performance to give you complete piece of mind.

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No event is complete without a selection of floor-filling, toe-tapping, hip-shaking tunes. A live band play to the atmosphere of the room and every setlist is tailored to suit each event. Songs can be sped up or slowed down to fit the relevant ambience of the event and your embarrassing uncle can even jump up on stage and sing along with the choruses.

Live music makes for a much more personal and engaging experience every time, causing people to embrace and swap trousers even if they're not entirely sure of the other person's name.


"Get your motor running with this great top hits band. Guaranteed to fill the dance floor all night long."

Tami Snith - Privee Cabaret Knightsbridge


"The guys played at our wedding and they were amazing. We would highly recommend them."

Jeremy & Judith Lowe - The Happy Couple

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands *clap clap*. You've probably got that tune stuck in your head now... sorry. But, you've probably also got a little smile on your face... yeah you do!

We all know that a good healthy dose of positive thinking can improve our general happiness but when mixed with some happy-go-lucky songs, the results can be wonderful.

In a study conducted in 2013, participants were placed in enjoyable social situations, some with music and some without. The groups with music had a significantly better experience than those without and left feeling much happier.

People feel less inhibited jumping up to dance when there's already a group of musicians dancing away in front of them, meaning that the happy card is played again and again.

The Cover Loverz Drummer
The COver Loverz Bassist
The Cover Loverz Lead Vocalist
The Cover Loverz Lead Guitarist and Vocalist

Every time I hear 'The Way You Make Me Feel' by Michael Jackson I am instantly thrown back to 1988 and my first primary school disco where I got to dance with a girl who was several light years out of my league.

When we listen to music we know, a part of our brain called the hippocampus (responsible for long-term storage) gets a little tickle. This can whisk us back to a time before we had hair in funny places or when we could bend over without expelling involuntary yelps.

With a live band pumping out classic tunes all night long, this can also create new memories attached to certain songs.

The lead up to an event can be a stressful time - "Did I order the cake?", "Is Keith sitting next to Susan at our table? They hate each other!".

Two main things happen when we're stressed, our heart rate increases as does our breathing. It just so happens, that these very same two things can be brought right down when listening to a good hearty song.

Immersing ourselves in a song we know and love can completely take us over and every other petty, niggling concern can simply wash away.

Now repeat after me - In through the nose and out through the mouth... aah.

We've explored how music can make you happy already but there is a science as to how it helps build up the party.

When the night is beginning and you've only just cracked open the bubbly, people are in high spirits but they aren't yet ready to engage their full 'tie around the head party animal'. All good bands will start the evening with some mid tempo uplifting tunes that will start heads bobbing, this gets people comfortable with moving along to the music before pulling out the big guns.

Then, it happens, shirts become untucked, high heels are removed and... oh yes... there it is... Dad has wrapped his tie around his head in a Rambo-like fashion. I do believe it's party time!

Whether we like it or not, some people just don't get on. Those two diametrically opposed individuals that never come across each other in everyday life will be thrust together at your event and everyone waits with baited breath for the first one to pipe up.

Fret not my friends because old mother music is here to help once more.

Even prior to birth there is strong evidence to suggest that we are genetically predisposed to respond to music, it's in our DNA. With a night of popular tunes on the cards people with nothing in common will find common ground as they bounce about frantically to the same songs.

"OMG, I didn't know you liked Queen!"

"Of course I like Queen you fool, let's hug."

We've discovered how music can calm the nerves but by doing so it reduces the levels of the stress hormone Cortisol and increases the amount of antibodies in your system. This can help fight against asthma, obesity, diabetes, headaches, depression, alzheimer's disease, accelerated aging and premature death.

In a world where we're told to cut down on this and don't touch that, you can be rest assured that you can not overdose on excessive measures of enjoyable music... rejoice!

Yes it can. Both mentally and physically.

First, let's look at mentally. If your heart is broken as the result of a lost love, listening to music can be incredibly helpful. Hearing someone else pour out their soul about heartache of their own makes you feel that you are not alone and you can get better with a bit of time and strength.

Then there's the physical broken heart. Music can help treat heart disease. A review of 23 studies covering almost 1,500 patients found that listening to music reduced heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety in heart disease patients. Hooray!

We all have people in our lives who we love dearly but that doesn't necessarily mean you enjoy listening to them reel off their latest list of ever increasing physical ailments. We express the absolute joy music brings to us with dancing. We can spend hours and hours together bopping away without uttering a word to each other and have the time of our lives. That is what makes music so special, it is the most basic, purest form of enjoyment. It can bring people together from all sorts of different backgrounds to lose themselves entirely in the moment, where nothing else matters but the rhythm coursing through your very soul.

You'll have to excuse me I think I'm welling up a little...

So... with us you get to enjoy all of the benefits we've mentioned plus have an incredible night out.

We are The Cover Loverz, a chirpy collective of musicians from London who formed a cover band to rule them all.

We absolutely love what we do and we hope you will to.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our site and we look forward to speaking to you soon.


Email: info@thecoverloverz.com


Tel: 07813 939 838



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